Product Review: Condom Compact

I love this little product. It’s absolutely perfect for a safe slut on the go, which makes it even more perfect as a safe slut stocking stuffer this Holiday season. Tee hee, I said “stuff”.

I’m talking about the Just In Case: Condom Compact, available now at Ohhh Canada for only $12.99. It’s a great way to keep condoms on you and out of wallets or pockets where they can get ruined or forgotten. Plus, it’s a gorgeous regular compact with a full mirror. You can reapply your lipstick in the office without anyone knowing that after everyone leaves you and the mail boy are making plans to lift up the second compartment and have a little fun in the boardroom.

Sigh … I love office sex.

Wait, where was I? Oh right, the Condom Compact. It comes in a bunch of sexy, fashionista colours, petulant pink, rendez-vous red, mystic metal and goddess gold (the gold one looks hawt!) and it’s really light so it’s not going to weigh down your purse.

If you’re a safe slut on the go, or you know one, I highly recommend it!

Buy the Just In Case: Condom Compact now from Ohhh Canada.