Toy Review: Lelo Liv

One of the perks to both writing about sex and relationships and being involved in a strong Twitter community here in Toronto is that occasionally, wonderful people like Katrina McKay from will send me products to test and share my thoughts on.

So today, I’m happy to review the Lelo Liv, a wonderful rechargeable vibrator that comes in colours cerise or lime. Sounds sort of like popsicle flavours, doesn’t it …

I admit that this year I have spent too much time with my Hitachi and not enough time with more relaxed vibrators so testing out the Lelo Liv was a bit of a challenge for me at first. Too much time with a Hitachi, you say? How is that possible? Well, the thing I find about the Magic Wand is that it doesn’t really even require me to be present for an orgasm to happen. The thing is so powerful that I can be thinking about work problems and still come without almost realizing it – as I did many times in the craptastic busy year that was 2011.

A less “HOLY CRAP” sensation is what the Lelo Liv offered and I was happy to spend more time getting worked up and turned on with it. What’s great about the Lelo Liv is not only how it feels OR that it’s virtually silent OR that it’s made of phthalate-free materials OR that it’s rechargeable, it’s how intuitive the controls are. On the left and right, you hold down the buttons to increase or decrease the intensity and on the top and bottom you hold down the buttons to switch between variations of pulsation.

The one downside to the pulse selection buttons is that instead of being able to go through all of the options on a loop, once you get to the first (or last) choice, you then have to go back, instead of being able to go through them like you would with, say, Facebook photos of a crush you’re stalking.

The Lelo Liv is wonderful for both clitoral and g-spot stimulation. It’s nice to have a vibrator that I can actually keep using during orgasm and relax gently afterward, unlike the Hitachi that I have to turn off for fear I might explode while coming. One neat trick, if you think you’re up to it, is to use the Lelo Liv inside for g-spot stimulation while using your hands / Hitachi or something else on the clit. While the Lelo Liv appears soft and gentle, it will blow your mind as to how powerful it can be in that combination.

You really can’t beat the Lelo Liv for its versatility, ease of use and the fact that it’s rechargeable and whisper quiet. Those two things right there make it one of my top three favorite toys already. Plus, you can buy it here from Ohhh Canada for only $79.99 making it a perfectly affordable Xmas gift for the woman … or women … in your life.