Review: Are you Jimmyjane? Who wants to know?

When I first got the Jimmyjane Form 6 vibrator MONTHS ago (sorry, Katrina!), I wasn’t completely convinced. It looked slick and proved its strength by immediately shaking my hand as I tried turning it on, but would it stand up to what I’ve come to expect in my toys?

I think that Jimmy, I mean Jimmyjane, and I got off on the wrong foot. Sure, there was that time when I first turned it on, fresh out of the package, and couldn’t figure out for the life of me how to turn it OFF. I was like a lost suburban housedad, refusing to use a map, assuming that the vibrator would just magically turn quiet at the next landmark, without reading instructions. It shook there, taunting me, in my hands until I finally found the page that told me what to do.

I wasn’t going to let that deter me though. I knew I had something special in my hands; but it’s definitely inspired me to look at reviewing toys differently.

I can’t just review this machine strictly based on how it makes my bits feel; there’s so much more to it than just that. There’s orgasms and then there’s user interface, and this baby deserves full mentions on all fronts. To be honest, when I first took it into the bath tub with me (yes … it’s waterproof), I wasn’t so blown away by it but that’s probably because the Hitachi Magic Wand has completely ruined other vibrators chances for me when it comes to clitoral stimulation.

What convinced me that the Form 6 and I were destined to become best friends – despite its robotic name – is how it feels inside. It comes with not one, but two independently controlled motors; one on the wee end, and one on the larger end. And when I say larger, boy is it heavy. I’ve learned that combining the heavy end for g-spot stimulation with an external clitoral vibrator makes for a much faster than usual, more intense than usual, Holy Mother of Gawd orgasm. Which, as it turns out, is just how I like it. You might like it for its dual motors, or slick surface, or its phtlalate-free, body safe materials. Heck, you might even like it because you can get it in pink.

The only downside to the Jimmyjane Form 6 is the buttons. I feel like a blind rat  trying to find them, and its even harder to push them, switching between modes. Plus, when the Form 6 comes out from inside you, well, you have to wipe it down before you can turn it off.


  • Hard to find / use buttons that can get a little covered in you


  • Waterproof for fun in the tub
  • Runs up to 7+ hours per charge, in case you feel like skipping work and testing your limits
  • Dual motors with six different modes to please even the most particular of bits
  • Quiet as a mouse. A vibrating mouse, that is
  • Travel ready: Seriously, this one’s cool. The Form 6 comes with a charging case for convenient storage and cordless charging; and that case? It doubles as a travel container.

Final score: 5.6 forms out of a total 6

Get yours now at Ohhh Canada for $169.99.

  • Ryan

    Thanks for providing the pros and cons about the Jimmyjane
    Form 6 vibrator. So what is your overall rating for the toy?