Review: JimmyJane Form 3

It seems like good timing to review some sex toys the night after recently giving a book reading about masturbation.

I’ve been spending a couple of months getting cosy with a couple of new fun toys, one of which really surprised me. Before I get to that one though, I’ll start with JimmyJane’s Form 3 Clitoral Vibrator.

I wasn’t sure what to expect with this little guy, but it definitely wasn’t what showed up in the package. I have another wonderful JimmyJane vibe that is quite hefty and fun, so when this came out being thin I was a bit confused.

The vibrations in my hand were a little funny at first.

I tried using it; its vibrating motor feeling very strong, I was confused that it didn’t really feel that strong on me. But then I realized. It’s not meant to be a lazy vibrator that you just hold against you and wait for magic to happen (a bad habit I’ve developed since getting to try so many wonderful toys) .. instead it works best when you use it while also rubbing yourself. It’s the ultimate combo, and wow does it bring about the orgasms when you finally realize that fact.

Of course it has all the other JimmyJane fun features. It’s discrete, easy to travel with, comes with multiple settings, is waterproof and easy to clean, and so much more.

The Form 3 can also be used in other ways, whether you’re by yourself or with partners. Move it around your body and see what feels best for you!

The Form 3 sells on Ohhh Canada for $129.99 and I give it four enthusiastic fingers out of five. (I’m including the thumb as a finger for the sake of this review.)

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the review! I’ve been curious about this one for a while. I have the Form 2 and love it & I like how different this one sounds.