Review: Lelo Gigi 2

It’s a hard life, but someone’s got to review all these sex toys that Lelo keeps sending me. This time, I had the choice between the Liv 2 and the Gigi 2 and since I already have the first Liv, I thought I’d switch it up and go for the Gigi. Also, it comes in this gorgeous bright blue colour that I couldn’t take my eyes off of. Just the colour alone was enough to hook me!

So many pretty colours, but look at that beautiful blue!

Even the gray version looks great and check out that coordinated scarf!

The great thing about the Gigi 2 is that with its flattened tip, you can turn it around and get your g-spot or flip it back use it on the clit. It’s two vibrators in one awesome bright and powerful package. Unfortunately for me, no vibrator besides this wonderful purple gnome that I own (yes, seriously), has ever been able to really g-spot it up for me, but the Gigi 2 comes close and that’s saying a LOT for me.

While it’s certainly no Hitachi (which I really need to replace, considering that Steph left mine in Mexico last NOVEMBER), the Gigi 2 is a great choice when I’m looking for something that’s a bit easier to hold than my favourite Lelo, the Insignia Soraya, and it’s a great choice for someone who might find the Hitachi to be ridiculously terrifying and, let’s face it, about as pretty as R2D2 in drag.

I love how the Gigi feels in my hand, not to mention, in my bits. The gamer in me loves that it gets the red ring of death when it dies, but that’s actually rare because its rechargeable battery offers a minimum of two hours of continuous use. This fact is great for me considering that it can sometimes take me something stupid like 40 minutes to climax, as a very cute, patient lady friend learned the other day for the first time. (Sorry!)

If you’re looking for your first Lelo, or even your first vibrator, the Gigi 2 is definitely an excellent place to start.

I give it 8 coordinated scarves out of ten.

Grab your Gigi 2 anywhere Lelo’s are sold, or directly from the masters themselves.

And in case you’re looking for some more sales language, here’s the facts straight from Lelo themselves, some of which are AWEsome (like the fact that you can completely submerse it in H20!)

  • Unique Shape
    LELO’s GIGI is famous for its flattened tip that gives an intensifying G-spot effect, which can also be turned to offer exceptional clitoral stimulation. It’s TWO vibrators in ONE!
  • Powerful & Discreet
    Double the vibrations means double the power for GIGI 2, but it stays whisper quiet – meaning there’s no disruption when enjoying those intimate experiences.
  • 8 Adjustable Vibration Modes
    Unique to LELO products, you can actually change the speed intensity of any vibration mode, adjusting to suit your personal taste.
  • What’s in the award-winning packaging?
    GIGI 2 Personal Massager  // Antibacterial Satin Storage Pouch // Personal Moisturizer Sample // Charger // LELO Authenticity Card 1 Year LELO Warranty
  • 10 Year Quality Guarantee
    (Relevant charger provide according to country of sale).
  • 100% Waterproof
    Submersible to 1 meter, the charging socket is sealed internally, making it easy to clean and fun to use in the bedroom and bathroom!
  • 100% Rechargeable
    A more eco-friendly choice compared with battery operated vibes, a minimum of 2 hours continuous use – with 90 day standby and lockable design, so no need for continuous charging.
  • 100% Safe & Hygienic
    GIGI 2 is made from FDA approved body safe silicone, making it among of the smoothest and most hygienic products on the market.
  • Anonymous

    Great review! I’ve been curious about this one since I own the dildo version (Ella) and really like it even though it doesn’t vibrate. I love the pale grey colour!

    I actually LOL’ed at this:

    “it’s a great choice for someone who might find the Hitachi to be ridiculously terrifying and, let’s face it, about as pretty as R2D2 in drag.”

    It’s funny, because it’s true.

  • Mimi De Luxe

    Samantha if colour is your thing, you must get LELO to send you an Ora in Midnight Blue. You nearly don’t want to use it because it’s too pretty!

  • Valerie

    What is this purple gnome of which you speak?

  • Rick Vermunt

    I love the lelo Gigi 2 – it is one of the favourite sex toys by partner and I use and certainly worth the price tag. It is always better to buy a quality pleasure product than one that may be cheaper but you regret purchasing later on.

  • Mike Jones

    My partner loves the Gigi 2 – We got 20% off ours with a coupon we found at

  • Maggie Pie

    LELO’s Liv 2 mini vibrator offers internal and external stimulation for a wonderful climax. Women get a wonderful electric orgasm after using it.

  • BelovedDominator

    The LELO Gigi hits the spot giving 100% more powerful vibrations, for waves of pulsating orgasms. This review is insightfully refreshing and very detailed. Lelo Gigi is a classic, a vibrator for a woman who knows what quality feels like, definitely one to add to your collection