CONTEST: Win a Lelo IDA™ Couples Massager

Hey gang. In the spirit of the season, and to help Lelo celebrate their 10th anniversary, I’m giving away one very special 10th anniversary Lelo IDA™ couples massager, valued at $199 CDN, PLUS their special anniversary celebration book.**

Straight from Lelo themselves:

Discover a mind-blowing new way to share intimacy with Ida™, the premium couples’ massager worn by women when making love. Ida™ is the world’s first remote-controlled couples’ massager to combine powerful vibrations with thrilling rotations, offering completely new sensations for both partners. More pleasure for him, more pleasure for her with unlimited possibilities for play – your love life will never be the same again! 

  • Rotating and Vibrating Couples’ Massager
  • Remote-Controls with SenseMotion™ technology
  • 8 Stimulation Modes (6 Standard, 2 Motion-Sensitive)
  • 100% Waterproof & Rechargeable (2 hours use)
  • Ultra-smooth, Body-safe Silicone Design
  • 1-Year Warranty & 10 Year Quality Guarantee

How can YOU win this IDA for yourself? Well, it’s quite simple.

I want to hear your quick, little stories of giving back at the holidays. Share with us, in the comments, a short example of how you give to others at this time of year. Whether it’s making sure that your partner’s present was just right, or spending time volunteering to help out the less fortunate, share with us a happy moment of love and kindness, to help us all feel a little bit better about the world.

On Christmas Day at 11 am EST, the story with the most votes wins! So tell your friends to vote for your comment and spread the good cheer. Make sure there is a way to contact you in your comment / ID.

**Note: This contest is open to residents of Toronto/GTA only as you must pick up the prize in person in the New Year from the west end, as I can’t afford to pay for shipping. (If you live out of town, you may still participate as long as you have someone that can pick it up for you OR would be willing to pay for shipping.)

  • Sex in Words

    When I go to visit my grandmother, I intend to bring some sweets for the other residents, as hard-working staff, of the care facility she lives in.

  • Anonymous

    My boyfriend has given me so much help and support this year. I really didn’t know how to make it up to him. Since January 1, I’ve been putting a dollar in a vase for every book I finish. The intention was to spend the money on myself this Christmas.But instead, I’m spending it on my boyfriend, for one more gift; one more thank you. Because he deserves all the spoiling and pampering in the world.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks so much for sharing, you win the contest!

  • Sameer Vasta

    This is a great contest, Samantha! I love reading stories of how people give to others on this time of year — I’ll be coming back to this thread often.
    As for me, I have a few rituals for the holidays. Every year, I buy about 20 Tim Horton’s gift cards (for $5 a piece) and hand them out to homeless people before Christmas. It’s not much, but I hope it helps a little.
    I also usually spend an evening at the mall (I know, the horror!) helping people carry their bags to the car. There are a whole lot of people who want to buy gifts but don’t have the capacity to carry so many bags, for various reasons.
    Finally — on new year’s day, every year, I go to a local police station and a local fire station with cookies and hot cocoa. I used to bake my own, but for safety concerns now I just buy a box of cookies and take a Starbucks order. 🙂
    In each case, I hope I bring a smile to someone’s day.
    Can’t wait to hear all about what others do! I love being inspired by the goodness of others.

  • _Uncensor

    December was a whirlwind this year as I was out of town for the first two weeks on business, forcing me to do my annual backing over a compressed schedule during the Thanksgiving holiday (‘Mericuh, not Canuck). Regardless, while away on business I came up with the perfect gift for my wonderful partner: Her own personalized Christmas stocking.

    Being short on time to execute, I had to rush to get supplies while I could when I returned. As it got closer to Christmas I 1) had no idea when I’d put it together and 2) realized a better way to do the name than felt letters. Why not get the silver metal letters sold as Christmas ornaments and sew them on as letters? Not a bad idea…unless it’s December 21st. I went to 2 Khols, 3 Targets, 2 Hallmark Stores, an entire mall, Walmart, JoAnn’s Fabrics, and a Michael’s…finally finding the magical four letters in order to get this just right…and aggravating my tendinitis in the process (I are smrt).

    Finally, armed with my big assed ankle stabilizing boot and supplies, I retreated to my local coffee shop on the 23rd to put it all together into a wonderful stocking just for her (don’t worry, I waited for her to go to bed on the 24th to make the switch).