Sexy Casting Call

Hey guys, a sexy TV show is doing some casting in Toronto and the production company has asked me to help find them some brave and interesting people of all genders and sexualities to join their cast of characters and do some fun things on camera (end of August to mid September.)

I’m meeting with one of the producers tomorrow to offer a bit of an education about some of these things (as I’m not super fond of some of their initial wording and descriptions that were sent over to me), and to confirm that they’re going to be presenting everything from a healthy and supportive angle, instead of fetishizing people and using them to shock their audience. (I will try and remember to add an addendum to this post once I’ve met with them.)

If you fit any of these descriptions and you’re interested in applying to be a part of the show, please let me know by sending an email to ALL of your emails to me will remain strictly confidential and I will only send your information to the producers with your full consent.

  • Erotic Wrestling – A new couple plus an experienced couple, along with “background wrestlers.”
  • Puppy Play –  new couple plus an experienced couple, along with “background pups.”
  • Trans Sex – A couple where one person is trans and wants to try out their new “equipment” with their lover on camera.
  • Pregnant Sex – A pregnant lady in her second or third trimester, and her male partner.
  • Cuckolding – A married couple in which the husband wants to watch his wife have sex with another man.
  • Skype Orgies – Male and female couples and singles who participate in this.
  • Daddy Play – A daddy domme and his younger “daughter” girl counterpart. This couple should roleplay 24-7 and be willing to show all aspects of this roleplay on camera.
  • Race Play – A couple who will roleplay in a raceplay scene.
  • BDSM Family
  • Sex Club Demos
  • Liquid Latex – Man and woman to demonstrate.
  • Insects – Someone to demonstrate and an insect wrangler.