(No More) Daddy Issues

Fun fact: I am turning 35 in a month and I have a 27 year old Daddy.

It’s taken me a long time to get to this point. My kink path has taken me down some interesting exploratory routes as I’ve tried to find the right role for me. I’ve tried being a slave (that . . . → Read More: (No More) Daddy Issues

Finding My New Place In The Crowd

It doesn’t feel like that long ago that Steph and I were considered the strange misfits among everyone we knew for being non-monogamous, but on the other hand, yeah ok, it sort of does. If 2014 still has us living in a society where we have so many backwards thinkers wandering around wreaking havoc, then 2006, when we . . . → Read More: Finding My New Place In The Crowd

Sexy Casting Call

Hey guys, a sexy TV show is doing some casting in Toronto and the production company has asked me to help find them some brave and interesting people of all genders and sexualities to join their cast of characters and do some fun things on camera (end of August to mid September.)

I’m meeting with . . . → Read More: Sexy Casting Call

Tell Me Something Good

Public speaking isn’t usually top of the list when thinking of “fun activities”. What about if we narrow it down to be public speaking about your sex life? Even worse, right? Well, somehow we’ve managed to bring together at least 100 people monthly to watch others do exactly that, and let me tell you, it’s glorious.

. . . → Read More: Tell Me Something Good

Confession: I’m a Secret Lover

You know that feeling you get when you haven’t had something that you want, something that you need, in a really, really long time, and suddenly it’s in front of you, so close that you can taste it and smell it. So close that every fibre of your being is consumed with that overwhelming need . . . → Read More: Confession: I’m a Secret Lover

Book Excerpt: Coming Out – Part 1

Below is an excerpt from my book, Not Your Mother’s Playground: A realistic guide to honest, happy, and healthy open relationships. I’ll be sharing a few of these occasionally. If there’s a specific topic that you’d like to hear about, let me know in the comments!

Want to get your own copy of the book? Check out . . . → Read More: Book Excerpt: Coming Out – Part 1

“My husband hates my sex toy. What do I do?” – MY response

I don’t normally have such strong reactions to stories about masturbation, but a recent column from the Globe & Mail filled me with rage. Her answer to the readers’ below question bordered on ridiculous. While I’m all for people having their own opinions on sexuality, if people are paying you to have an opinion you . . . → Read More: “My husband hates my sex toy. What do I do?” – MY response

Sex Without Borders: Public Response

Every time I agree to a new very public appearance about my personal life I have to question my sanity. With the recent Toronto Life article in their February 2013 sex issue, I’m re-evaluating my position on a few things related to my now – even more public – persona.

I am sort of . . . → Read More: Sex Without Borders: Public Response

Ohai Stake Burners …

I was interviewed recently by Sexy Typewriter about my open relationship. Or so I thought. If you’re reading this and you’re not a Facebook or Twitter friendly, it’s highly likely that you linked to me from the Toronto Sun’s website. Or the Edmonton Sun … or one of the many Suns across Canada (apparently what . . . → Read More: Ohai Stake Burners …

Why Playground? Why Now?

When I first had the idea for Playground around the end of last summer, I had a lot more time on my hands. I had quit my job a few months prior to finish working on my non-monogamy guide book – which I promise to finish sooooon – and had seemingly all the time . . . → Read More: Why Playground? Why Now?