Ohhh Canada has a new bricks & mortar!

That’s right. Sponsors of both my orgasms and the recently successful Playground Conference, Ohhh Canada has recently opened up their very own boutique store in downtown Toronto. Why should you care? Well, Katrina and the Ohhh Canada staff put everything they have into creating an atmosphere that’s welcoming, non-judgmental, and full of knowledgable stuff . . . → Read More: Ohhh Canada has a new bricks & mortar!

Erykah Badu ticket giveaway

I’ve got a pair of Erykah Badu tickets to give away for her show in Toronto on Tuesday, March 5th. Just click this link and find out how to enter!


Guest Post: Meeting “Her”

Another guest post from my friend, Kitty. She and her husband J have recently opened up their marriage, after years of being monogamish. Her journal posts are so raw and full of both joy and slight sadness, with a side of “I GOT this.” that I always feel connected to her when I read them.

. . . → Read More: Guest Post: Meeting “Her”

I’ve got a Crush, TO

It was probably in the late summer or fall that I first heard of #CrushTO events being produced by the girls at the sex-positive group, I’d Tap That. Up to my eyeballs in planning for both my work festival and Playground sexuality conference, it was only something that my brain could give a passing glance . . . → Read More: I’ve got a Crush, TO

Rx for Romance – Special Event

Valentine’s Day is less than a month  and with love in the air, Canada’s (and Samantha’s) favourite online sexy toy and lingerie shop, Ohhh Canada, wants to offer YOU their sexy prescription for all your romantic liaisons at an exclusive pop-up shop being hosted at the private, members-only,  The Spoke Club, 600 King Street West, . . . → Read More: Rx for Romance – Special Event

The Everything to do with Sex Show: Mainstream’s Alright With Me

When the Everything to do With Sex Show asked me to participate in social outreach for their event on November 2-4, I can’t lie, I was hesitant. Just one week after theirs, I am pouring my heart and soul into my own sexuality conference happening November 9-11, Playground 2012. It seemed strange to be promoting . . . → Read More: The Everything to do with Sex Show: Mainstream’s Alright With Me

I’m Marching in the Parade!

I’ve always enjoyed the Toronto Pride parade for its fanfare, over the top hotness, activism and messages. Every year that I’ve gone has been a blast, filled with stop ins at hotel washrooms and bars (no line ups!), impromptu spin the bottle at Church and Wellesley, and more ogling of the human body than my . . . → Read More: I’m Marching in the Parade!

So … I’m going to SlutWalk

I’m not very good at activism. At least I don’t think I am. I don’t rally. I don’t march. I don’t make signs and I don’t write letters to local politicians. I’m a bit fail on that front, really. If there IS anything that I do, it’s more on a one on one basis. I . . . → Read More: So … I’m going to SlutWalk

Playground Sexuality Conference is THIS weekend!!

What connects us? What makes us unique? What makes us hot? Playground answers these questions November 4-6, 2011!

Tickets on sale now! $75 for a full weekend pass. $40 for a one day pass. Includes access to Friday and Saturday night social events.

Speakers include: Lux Alptraum, Reid Mihalko, Lil Heather, JP Robichaud, Tara . . . → Read More: Playground Sexuality Conference is THIS weekend!!

Why Playground? Why Now?

When I first had the idea for Playground around the end of last summer, I had a lot more time on my hands. I had quit my job a few months prior to finish working on my non-monogamy guide book – which I promise to finish sooooon – and had seemingly all the time . . . → Read More: Why Playground? Why Now?