Four of Hearts

A few years ago a friend of mine put me in touch with (my now friend) Eric Haywood, who was, at the time, working on a movie called Four of Hearts about four people, one open marriage, and a foursome that changed everything. (Sorry, that totally sounded like a pitch!)

Eric really wanted . . . → Read More: Four of Hearts

Guest Post: Thought Catalog Thoughts – FAT

My friend Wil wrote a wonderful piece on Facebook about this Thought Catalog article on the Fat Acceptance Movement. (You should probably read it before reading his response.) I didn’t want his amazing thoughts to stay locked up behind the wall of social media, so I asked him if I could share them with . . . → Read More: Guest Post: Thought Catalog Thoughts – FAT

Guest Post: Meeting “Her”

Another guest post from my friend, Kitty. She and her husband J have recently opened up their marriage, after years of being monogamish. Her journal posts are so raw and full of both joy and slight sadness, with a side of “I GOT this.” that I always feel connected to her when I read them.

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Guest Post: Embracing My Inner Goose

Recently, two of our dear friends decided to make the leap from their mostly monogamous marriage into open relationship territory. Theirs is a love most evident, and I’ve always considered them to be very strong as a couple, but making the switch to non-monogamy can be a tough hill to climb. When she sent me . . . → Read More: Guest Post: Embracing My Inner Goose

Advice: He Cheated. Leave him or threesome?

It doesn’t happen often but every now and then a random stranger will pour their heart out to me via email. It’s usually either a response to a post I’ve written or an advice request. The email I received from Sarah (name has been changed) yesterday really made me think and want to virtually hug . . . → Read More: Advice: He Cheated. Leave him or threesome?