Four of Hearts

A few years ago a friend of mine put me in touch with (my now friend) Eric Haywood, who was, at the time, working on a movie called Four of Hearts about four people, one open marriage, and a foursome that changed everything. (Sorry, that totally sounded like a pitch!)

Eric really wanted . . . → Read More: Four of Hearts

“My husband hates my sex toy. What do I do?” – MY response

I don’t normally have such strong reactions to stories about masturbation, but a recent column from the Globe & Mail filled me with rage. Her answer to the readers’ below question bordered on ridiculous. While I’m all for people having their own opinions on sexuality, if people are paying you to have an opinion you . . . → Read More: “My husband hates my sex toy. What do I do?” – MY response

Guest Post: Meeting “Her”

Another guest post from my friend, Kitty. She and her husband J have recently opened up their marriage, after years of being monogamish. Her journal posts are so raw and full of both joy and slight sadness, with a side of “I GOT this.” that I always feel connected to her when I read them.

. . . → Read More: Guest Post: Meeting “Her”

Guest Post: Embracing My Inner Goose

Recently, two of our dear friends decided to make the leap from their mostly monogamous marriage into open relationship territory. Theirs is a love most evident, and I’ve always considered them to be very strong as a couple, but making the switch to non-monogamy can be a tough hill to climb. When she sent me . . . → Read More: Guest Post: Embracing My Inner Goose

Feelings and Fence Posts

The other night while Steph was having a bath, I went in to hang out with him. I ended up confessing, while squished on the floor between the toilet and the wall, that I was feeling – to steal Jessica’s word – “ways” about his relationship with the new woman he is seeing.

I wasn’t . . . → Read More: Feelings and Fence Posts

I Choo Choo Choose EVERYthing

If anyone was to ask me what my favourite word is, I would in an instant say “choice”. I firmly believe that choice is one of, if not the most powerful word out there and that it’s not given nearly enough recognition in our lives.

Choice can be both empowering and debilitating, which makes it . . . → Read More: I Choo Choo Choose EVERYthing

Advice: He Cheated. Leave him or threesome?

It doesn’t happen often but every now and then a random stranger will pour their heart out to me via email. It’s usually either a response to a post I’ve written or an advice request. The email I received from Sarah (name has been changed) yesterday really made me think and want to virtually hug . . . → Read More: Advice: He Cheated. Leave him or threesome?

Three’s Company; part 2

This is Part Two to this story. If you haven’t read that one, this likely will not make much sense. So please read it first!

When the doorbell rang, I could feel myself getting anxious. I was about to let somebody else into this very personal space that has belonged to Harvey and I for . . . → Read More: Three’s Company; part 2

Where’s My Head At?

(Have you read the small world post yet? You should read that one first if you haven’t so that this one makes sense.)

My brain and heart are taking a bit of a beating right now. Some good, some bad and I’m in a funny place trying to piece it all together. It shouldn’t go . . . → Read More: Where’s My Head At?

Gut Feeling or Reaction?

In general, I’m a big believer in following your gut but since opening up my marriage I have learned that sometimes fighting that instinct can be the better option.

Follow your gut when it comes to career moves or perhaps family politics, sure. Any area of life where your reaction to a situation is not . . . → Read More: Gut Feeling or Reaction?