Guest Post: Meeting “Her”

Another guest post from my friend, Kitty. She and her husband J have recently opened up their marriage, after years of being monogamish. Her journal posts are so raw and full of both joy and slight sadness, with a side of “I GOT this.” that I always feel connected to her when I read them.

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Lessons Learned from Month One

It would be a lie if I said that the book is on schedule. I want to be finished by March, but I’d also accept April or May, so perhaps I’m not doing as badly as it feels right now. This first month of full time “booking” has not been without its challenges or distractions, . . . → Read More: Lessons Learned from Month One

A Half Full Glass of Stale Beer

Today I was called “indefatigably optimistic”. And once I finished googling wtf indefatigably meant, my brain began to fill with all the things that I do in my life to get myself through the days. It’s not that I’m a super happy go lucky person – ask anyone close to me and they’ll tell you . . . → Read More: A Half Full Glass of Stale Beer

Sex Without Borders: Public Response

Every time I agree to a new very public appearance about my personal life I have to question my sanity. With the recent Toronto Life article in their February 2013 sex issue, I’m re-evaluating my position on a few things related to my now – even more public – persona.

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Feelings and Fence Posts

The other night while Steph was having a bath, I went in to hang out with him. I ended up confessing, while squished on the floor between the toilet and the wall, that I was feeling – to steal Jessica’s word – “ways” about his relationship with the new woman he is seeing.

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I Choo Choo Choose EVERYthing

If anyone was to ask me what my favourite word is, I would in an instant say “choice”. I firmly believe that choice is one of, if not the most powerful word out there and that it’s not given nearly enough recognition in our lives.

Choice can be both empowering and debilitating, which makes it . . . → Read More: I Choo Choo Choose EVERYthing

I Can See Clearly Now

I knew that I was going to really need our recent Mexico vacation. I had been working around the clock every day, every weekend, almost every minute, for months and I was existing in a temporary depression. What I didn’t realize however, was just exactly how transformative the time away would be for me.

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So … there’s this girl

Continuing the theme of sharing with you stories of the people in my life, here is Bella. She’s been in my life for many months, but as I’ve mentioned before, I’ve wanted to keep everything very close to my chest for a while. I finally feel ready to share, and it feels wonderful.

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Becoming the Hunted

Big cat says "Me-ow"

I wasted a lot of energy in 2011 on other people. Any of it that wasn’t going to my job went to other people, with a teensy tiny bit of leftovers coming to me. (And of course, I always have a permanent chunk for my lovely husband. That doesn’t change.) . . . → Read More: Becoming the Hunted

Ohai Stake Burners …

I was interviewed recently by Sexy Typewriter about my open relationship. Or so I thought. If you’re reading this and you’re not a Facebook or Twitter friendly, it’s highly likely that you linked to me from the Toronto Sun’s website. Or the Edmonton Sun … or one of the many Suns across Canada (apparently what . . . → Read More: Ohai Stake Burners …