Review: Body Wand Multi-Function Massager

I’m sorry, Rechargeable Bodywand (that I wrote about last year who won my wand competition.) I’m sorry that I waited so long to write about your plug-in cousin, the purple Bodywand multi function silicone massager, who for the purposes of this story I’ll call Jo. I hope this review will make up for it.

The truth is, . . . → Read More: Review: Body Wand Multi-Function Massager

Guest Post: Brass Vixens Review

A Reluctant First-Time Pole Dancer Gives Brass Vixens a Try

I’ll admit I felt uncomfortable about trying pole dancing. I understand the empowerment angle and re-appropriation of misogynist constructs, but pole dancing doesn’t fit my sense of sexual empowerment – no judgment for those whom it does. It’s a bit too hetero-normative. And if I’m . . . → Read More: Guest Post: Brass Vixens Review

Review: Abracadabra It’s A Wand-Off!

Valentine’s Day is coming up, but there’s really no excuse needed to get a wand vibrator. A staple in my sex toy drawers, these wands all have their own pros and cons. Which one will work best for you?

For two years life in my household was pretty difficult, you guys. My Magic Wand was . . . → Read More: Review: Abracadabra It’s A Wand-Off!

Review: Nuru … more like Noru

Cheesy puns aside, I was pretty excited to try the Nuru gel recently. Obviously the circumstances had a lot to do with it: Ridiculously planned out threesome with a close friend and a musician friend of mine who requested the stuff in the first place.

My good friends at Ohhh Canada provided me with everything . . . → Read More: Review: Nuru … more like Noru

Sexy Sinnovation Review Pt. 2: Warner’s Cheeky Panty & Unwire Bra

In Part 2 of my sinnovation review series, I take a look at the Warner’s Cheeky Panty and Unwire Bra, available now at Ohhh Canada. I’m sure you’re thinking, “But Samantha! How can there be innovation in underwear??”

Just wait! I’ll tell you, dear reader.

. . . → Read More: Sexy Sinnovation Review Pt. 2: Warner’s Cheeky Panty & Unwire Bra

Sexy Sinnovation Review Pt. 1: Jimmyjane Hello Touch Massager

Recently, while filling up a grab bag of goodies at Ohhh Canada, I decided that my new next review series needed a theme, and that theme would be innovation, or sinnovation if you want to use a cheesy word, and I do. As I pondered over the many toys and accessories I could play with, . . . → Read More: Sexy Sinnovation Review Pt. 1: Jimmyjane Hello Touch Massager

Review: Oh My Stars!

Since 2012, my birthday has always been marked by bum smacks. At every birthday party I have, the faithful and heavy dark wood paddle that I bought at Playground 2011 comes out. It’s definitely a beast and it can leave some beastly bum bruises, that I’ve always been quite proud of.

And then I got the . . . → Read More: Review: Oh My Stars!

Secrets From Samantha’s Purse

I can never decide if I love or hate Valentine’s Day. I’m a romantic, right? So I should automatically love a day that focuses on love. But then again, I’m also a non-traditionalist, non-monogamous, celebrate love ALL the time, question-everything member of society, and that viewpoint doesn’t line up with this single day of roses, chocolate, . . . → Read More: Secrets From Samantha’s Purse

Review: Lelo Gigi 2

It’s a hard life, but someone’s got to review all these sex toys that Lelo keeps sending me. This time, I had the choice between the Liv 2 and the Gigi 2 and since I already have the first Liv, I thought I’d switch it up and go for the Gigi. Also, it comes in this . . . → Read More: Review: Lelo Gigi 2

Review: JimmyJane Form 3

It seems like good timing to review some sex toys the night after recently giving a book reading about masturbation.

I’ve been spending a couple of months getting cosy with a couple of new fun toys, one of which really surprised me. Before I get to that one though, I’ll start with JimmyJane’s Form 3 . . . → Read More: Review: JimmyJane Form 3