Review: Tantus Little Secrets Spoon Vibrator

Still looking for the perfect gift for your girlfriends? Tantus has a whole series of Little Secrets vibrators, perfect for stuffing stockings … or other things. Made out of nontoxic, phthalate free materials, these group of vibrators come pre loaded with a battery and are quiet, yet powerful. Perfect for both g-spot and clitoral stimulation . . . → Read More: Review: Tantus Little Secrets Spoon Vibrator

Review: Pin-Up Bullet Vibrator gift set

I love this little gift. It’s perfect for the girl you know into saucy, fashionable items that give the other contents of her purse envy that they aren’t as great as it. While I’m always a fan of the big and powerful sex tools, there’s still something to be said for the portable mini-vibes that . . . → Read More: Review: Pin-Up Bullet Vibrator gift set

Review: Lelo Ina 2

Rating: 7.5 o-faces out of a possible 10

It’s hard for me to write any review of a sex toy without mentioning my sadness (translation: anger at) because Steph left my Magic Wand in Mexico. Oh gosh, can you just imagine the cleaning people discovering that? And had we even cleaned it? I know, I . . . → Read More: Review: Lelo Ina 2

Review: Are you Jimmyjane? Who wants to know?

When I first got the Jimmyjane Form 6 vibrator MONTHS ago (sorry, Katrina!), I wasn’t completely convinced. It looked slick and proved its strength by immediately shaking my hand as I tried turning it on, but would it stand up to what I’ve come to expect in my toys?

I think that Jimmy, I mean . . . → Read More: Review: Are you Jimmyjane? Who wants to know?

Review: Lelo Tiani 2

Lelo Tiani 2 Score: 8.5 sexy french maids out of a harem of 10

It’s depressing to admit that the fine folks at Lelo sent me over the beautiful Tiani 2 remote controlled couples massager a couple of months ago and I’m only JUST getting around to writing the review now … but it’s true.

. . . → Read More: Review: Lelo Tiani 2

Review: Lelo Soraya (Insignia)

Bef0re my recent 5 weeks of ill, I was a lucky duck to receive the Lelo Soraya (Insignia) in the mail from Ohhh Canada. It took a little bit of fighting with Canada Post to prove my identity and get the thing home – a task that can make you crazy when you know you . . . → Read More: Review: Lelo Soraya (Insignia)

Review: Love Your Bits to Bits

Ok ladies, this one’s for you. Well, I guess it could be for anyone, but since I have a vulva, let me speak directly to those of you that do as well, no matter how you identify! The rest of you may want to skip out on this one, unless you enjoy the secrets!

I . . . → Read More: Review: Love Your Bits to Bits

Review: Sqweeeeeeeeeel

When I first saw the Sqweel by LoveHoney last year I immediately wanted one, but felt a little silly. I have a strange aversion to any sex toy that emulates a real body part too much and the Sqweel is designed with 10 spinning tongues that mimic the most perfectly controlled pussy licker.

Oral sex and . . . → Read More: Review: Sqweeeeeeeeeel

Review: The Axis for Hitachi Magic Wand

I’ve always been curious about trying pre-made pillows, designed for sex, but questions always plague my mind: “Where would I store them when parents come to visit?” “Isn’t my butt big enough to just be a pillow on its own?”

Recently, Ohhh Canada sent me over not only a sex pillow, but the Axis for . . . → Read More: Review: The Axis for Hitachi Magic Wand

Review: Under the Bed Restraint System

Tying someone up or being tied up. It’s a pretty standard fantasy for a lot of people, and why not? It’s a sexy feeling to lose control and be teased, or to be the one doing the teasing. If the rope and chain aisle at Home Depot is a bit too intimidating for you and . . . → Read More: Review: Under the Bed Restraint System