Pleasure, Penetration, & the Patriarchy

I remember the first time I felt the cliché heteronormative disparity after sex. I was 17 or 18, in sort of upstate New York, visiting my then (first) boyfriend in the house he shared with his NFL loving roommates. As I sat on the toilet, trying to expel the hell out of his cum making . . . → Read More: Pleasure, Penetration, & the Patriarchy

Hello from the Other Side

Hello … it’s me … I was wondering if after all these months you’d like to read …

Dear Readers, I’m sorry. I mostly gave up on writing in 2015 and I think I’m about ready to explain my absence to you. I certainly didn’t start the year thinking that I would walk away from writing, from this . . . → Read More: Hello from the Other Side

Guest Post: Brass Vixens Review

A Reluctant First-Time Pole Dancer Gives Brass Vixens a Try

I’ll admit I felt uncomfortable about trying pole dancing. I understand the empowerment angle and re-appropriation of misogynist constructs, but pole dancing doesn’t fit my sense of sexual empowerment – no judgment for those whom it does. It’s a bit too hetero-normative. And if I’m . . . → Read More: Guest Post: Brass Vixens Review

Let’s Be Friends

Trigger warning: body shaming

Last night I hung out with a friend who, for a while last year, was someone I was dating / sleeping with / whatever you want to call it. We met early in January 2014 and I instantly liked him. Handsome, charming, perfectly antagonistic in the way that I seem to . . . → Read More: Let’s Be Friends

My Not-So-Secret Secret Outlet

It all started with a dick pic. Well, that’s not completely true, but my love affair with Tumblr did definitely start because of the D. It was late last summer when I, being in between freelance gigs and sitting at home with not a thing to do, suddenly remembered how much I love watching men masturbating. . . . → Read More: My Not-So-Secret Secret Outlet

My Guest Post for Life Is Sweet

Because I’m sure you haven’t heard me talk about depression enough, here’s a guest post I wrote for Ashley Gibson’s Life is Sweet Project.

Learn more about the Life is Sweet project here.

Written & performed by Ashley Gibson Angelwalk Theatre

In February 1998 Ashley’s mom committed suicide. Fifteen years later, Ashley created . . . → Read More: My Guest Post for Life Is Sweet

What I’ve Learned During My Year Alone (ish)

It’s been almost a year that I spent my last day of teaching video game development, after leaving my other job(s) / contract ending about a month and a half prior. So, as embarrassing as it sounds for me personally, the truth is that I’ve been officially unemployed for a year now.

Of course, I . . . → Read More: What I’ve Learned During My Year Alone (ish)

Afraid To Fall

For most of my adult life, I’ve always embraced everything that comes along with falling for somebody new. It’s a feeling that I simply adore. New Relationship Energy (NRE) and I get along like nobody’s business. And, like a person lost in puppy love fever, I seem to trust all of the decisions I make . . . → Read More: Afraid To Fall

Radical, Dude. A #FatShamingWeek followup

If by suggesting that it’s not anybody else’s place to police someone else’s body, that makes me a radical, I’m ok with that.

If my existence on the planet makes other people angry because they can’t bear to look at me or accept their own personal demons, I’m ok with that.

If I make moderate . . . → Read More: Radical, Dude. A #FatShamingWeek followup

#FatShamingWeek and Donut Island

On Monday, Return of Kings, a blog “for heterosexual, masculine men,” announced it would devote its space that week to fat shaming. And it seems that tonight on Twitter, things have really taken off.

I’m often a walking combo of someone who both adores humanity and finds myself disappointed in it at every waking moment. I’m . . . → Read More: #FatShamingWeek and Donut Island