Back On That Horse

It’s been a while, Internet. I remember the days when I used to talk to you all the time in this medium. This site is the reason that I became anything online (though somedays I wonder if it’s because I talk about masturbation on Twitter). People would find it when searching for info on open . . . → Read More: Back On That Horse

Managing Expectations

There’s a fine line between getting everything you want because you’ve worked hard for it, and bulldozing anything in your way on your path to success. We’re taught to have goals and dreams, and to never let anyone stand in our way of reaching them, but the reality is that just because you want something . . . → Read More: Managing Expectations

Lessons Learned from Month One

It would be a lie if I said that the book is on schedule. I want to be finished by March, but I’d also accept April or May, so perhaps I’m not doing as badly as it feels right now. This first month of full time “booking” has not been without its challenges or distractions, . . . → Read More: Lessons Learned from Month One

Shame! I want it gone forever!

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately about two things, shame and confidence. How they affect us, shape who we are, and direct our actions. How some people are crippled by shame or a lack of confidence, while others soar either because of or in spite of them.

I’ve always had a lot of . . . → Read More: Shame! I want it gone forever!

2013: Life By Design

I was a bit of an idiot in 2012. I pulled that typical end of year shit where I told myself “Don’t worry, Self, 2012 will be awesome and everything will be shiny and new. Everything that was bad will magically become great and you won’t have to do any work because that’s just how . . . → Read More: 2013: Life By Design

I Can See Clearly Now

I knew that I was going to really need our recent Mexico vacation. I had been working around the clock every day, every weekend, almost every minute, for months and I was existing in a temporary depression. What I didn’t realize however, was just exactly how transformative the time away would be for me.

It’s . . . → Read More: I Can See Clearly Now

It’s Not You, It’s Totally Me

(Printed with permission from the subject.)

This is a real thing. As much as it’s a perfect cliché soap opera line, it really is a thing, and it sucks.

It’s been 5 and something months now and Brad and I still haven’t had sex. I know my last post about him suggested that after a . . . → Read More: It’s Not You, It’s Totally Me

Big Men Don’t Cry

It’s a tricky subject to address, the idea of male vulnerability; can I write about it in a fair and balanced way? Will I come across like a douche, no matter what I write? Who am I to write about this topic anyway, and why do I even want to?

I want to because some . . . → Read More: Big Men Don’t Cry

The Massive Brad Update or “Cockward” for Short

When I tell most people about my relationship with Brad, they’re confused. How is it possible that I’ve been dating someone for almost four months and I’ve only seen him naked – or almost naked – once? (twice now, since last night!)

It’s not my normal M.O. to wait this long. Not that I jump . . . → Read More: The Massive Brad Update or “Cockward” for Short


I hope this post isn’t as confusing for you to read as it was for me to write.

Last night before bed, Brad and I were texting each other. I guess I need to give you the update on he and I, don’t I. I’ll share more soon.

Anyway. So as we’re chatting, he says . . . → Read More: BUT AM I PRETTY???