Hello from the Other Side

Hello … it’s me … I was wondering if after all these months you’d like to read …

Dear Readers, I’m sorry. I mostly gave up on writing in 2015 and I think I’m about ready to explain my absence to you. I certainly didn’t start the year thinking that I would walk away from writing, from this . . . → Read More: Hello from the Other Side

Fear of Being a Stepping Stone

I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop. I’m waiting for him to decide that he doesn’t want to be the boyfriend of a married woman, even if I strive to give him so much of me and of life. I’m wondering when he’ll realize personal demands that I simply cannot meet. I’m wondering when . . . → Read More: Fear of Being a Stepping Stone

(No More) Daddy Issues

Fun fact: I am turning 35 in a month and I have a 27 year old Daddy.

It’s taken me a long time to get to this point. My kink path has taken me down some interesting exploratory routes as I’ve tried to find the right role for me. I’ve tried being a slave (that . . . → Read More: (No More) Daddy Issues

My Not-So-Secret Secret Outlet

It all started with a dick pic. Well, that’s not completely true, but my love affair with Tumblr did definitely start because of the D. It was late last summer when I, being in between freelance gigs and sitting at home with not a thing to do, suddenly remembered how much I love watching men masturbating. . . . → Read More: My Not-So-Secret Secret Outlet

Finding My New Place In The Crowd

It doesn’t feel like that long ago that Steph and I were considered the strange misfits among everyone we knew for being non-monogamous, but on the other hand, yeah ok, it sort of does. If 2014 still has us living in a society where we have so many backwards thinkers wandering around wreaking havoc, then 2006, when we . . . → Read More: Finding My New Place In The Crowd

Returning to Kink and Choosing to Trust Again

It’s not hard to go back to a more vanilla life. It’s not hard to have wonderful sex with your husband that still fulfills you in so many ways, even if it’s not kinky. It’s not hard to have to ask lovers to be choked, to have your hair pulled, or to be smacked around.

. . . → Read More: Returning to Kink and Choosing to Trust Again

I Have An Addiction

I have a confession to make that seems quite timely this close to Valentine’s Day; I’m addicted to romance.

I’m not talking about red roses and cheap boxes of drugstore chocolates, or last minute gas-station cards filled with recycled sentiments and the stale smell of dust and car grease. I mean the romance that breaks . . . → Read More: I Have An Addiction

My Guest Post for Life Is Sweet

Because I’m sure you haven’t heard me talk about depression enough, here’s a guest post I wrote for Ashley Gibson’s Life is Sweet Project.


Learn more about the Life is Sweet project here.

Written & performed by Ashley Gibson Angelwalk Theatre http://www.angelwalk.ca/CURRENT_SEASON_lis.html

In February 1998 Ashley’s mom committed suicide. Fifteen years later, Ashley created . . . → Read More: My Guest Post for Life Is Sweet

What I’ve Learned During My Year Alone (ish)

It’s been almost a year that I spent my last day of teaching video game development, after leaving my other job(s) / contract ending about a month and a half prior. So, as embarrassing as it sounds for me personally, the truth is that I’ve been officially unemployed for a year now.

Of course, I . . . → Read More: What I’ve Learned During My Year Alone (ish)

#FatShamingWeek and Donut Island

On Monday, Return of Kings, a blog “for heterosexual, masculine men,” announced it would devote its space that week to fat shaming. And it seems that tonight on Twitter, things have really taken off.

I’m often a walking combo of someone who both adores humanity and finds myself disappointed in it at every waking moment. I’m . . . → Read More: #FatShamingWeek and Donut Island