Pleasure, Penetration, & the Patriarchy

I remember the first time I felt the cliché heteronormative disparity after sex. I was 17 or 18, in sort of upstate New York, visiting my then (first) boyfriend in the house he shared with his NFL loving roommates. As I sat on the toilet, trying to expel the hell out of his cum making . . . → Read More: Pleasure, Penetration, & the Patriarchy

My Not-So-Secret Secret Outlet

It all started with a dick pic. Well, that’s not completely true, but my love affair with Tumblr did definitely start because of the D. It was late last summer when I, being in between freelance gigs and sitting at home with not a thing to do, suddenly remembered how much I love watching men masturbating. . . . → Read More: My Not-So-Secret Secret Outlet

Review: Nuru … more like Noru

Cheesy puns aside, I was pretty excited to try the Nuru gel recently. Obviously the circumstances had a lot to do with it: Ridiculously planned out threesome with a close friend and a musician friend of mine who requested the stuff in the first place.

My good friends at Ohhh Canada provided me with everything . . . → Read More: Review: Nuru … more like Noru

Protected: Hanging Out Like Humans

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Sexy Sinnovation Review Pt. 1: Jimmyjane Hello Touch Massager

Recently, while filling up a grab bag of goodies at Ohhh Canada, I decided that my new next review series needed a theme, and that theme would be innovation, or sinnovation if you want to use a cheesy word, and I do. As I pondered over the many toys and accessories I could play with, . . . → Read More: Sexy Sinnovation Review Pt. 1: Jimmyjane Hello Touch Massager

Yes, Daddy. No, Daddy.

It’s been a long time since I’ve written a date recap, for many reasons. 80% of the people I’m dating or have dated aren’t super interested in having their stories up online for the world to see. Even if nobody really knows who they are, it weirds some people out, so I tend to either write . . . → Read More: Yes, Daddy. No, Daddy.

Radical, Dude. A #FatShamingWeek followup

If by suggesting that it’s not anybody else’s place to police someone else’s body, that makes me a radical, I’m ok with that.

If my existence on the planet makes other people angry because they can’t bear to look at me or accept their own personal demons, I’m ok with that.

If I make moderate . . . → Read More: Radical, Dude. A #FatShamingWeek followup

#FatShamingWeek and Donut Island

On Monday, Return of Kings, a blog “for heterosexual, masculine men,” announced it would devote its space that week to fat shaming. And it seems that tonight on Twitter, things have really taken off.

I’m often a walking combo of someone who both adores humanity and finds myself disappointed in it at every waking moment. I’m . . . → Read More: #FatShamingWeek and Donut Island

“I’m a feminist who enjoys being dominated during sex. Help!” – My response

Continuing the theme of me responding to recent Globe & Mail sex questions, I’ve foolishly decided to tackle one about feminism and BDSM. While I consider myself both a feminist and a submissive woman, there are so many angles to consider when writing a kink related piece that I’m not certain I’ll be able to . . . → Read More: “I’m a feminist who enjoys being dominated during sex. Help!” – My response

Kinkless in Toronto

This time last year, things were pretty great for me. I was deep into exploring a couple of new, casual relationships that had a distinct kinky element to them that I really needed and enjoyed.

This time this year however, I have no more outlets. I’ve had to find other ways to channel my emotions . . . → Read More: Kinkless in Toronto