Review: JimmyJane Form 3

It seems like good timing to review some sex toys the night after recently giving a book reading about masturbation.

I’ve been spending a couple of months getting cosy with a couple of new fun toys, one of which really surprised me. Before I get to that one though, I’ll start with JimmyJane’s Form 3 . . . → Read More: Review: JimmyJane Form 3

Lessons Learned from Month One

It would be a lie if I said that the book is on schedule. I want to be finished by March, but I’d also accept April or May, so perhaps I’m not doing as badly as it feels right now. This first month of full time “booking” has not been without its challenges or distractions, . . . → Read More: Lessons Learned from Month One

Shame! I want it gone forever!

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately about two things, shame and confidence. How they affect us, shape who we are, and direct our actions. How some people are crippled by shame or a lack of confidence, while others soar either because of or in spite of them.

I’ve always had a lot of . . . → Read More: Shame! I want it gone forever!

Contest: Win tickets!

I’ve got two pairs of VIP tickets for the Toronto edition of the Everything to Do With Sex Show, happening at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre from November 2-4, 2012.

To be eligible to win; you must answer this question.

What 3 things does the Sex Show share in common with my event, Playground 2012? . . . → Read More: Contest: Win tickets!

Review: Are you Jimmyjane? Who wants to know?

When I first got the Jimmyjane Form 6 vibrator MONTHS ago (sorry, Katrina!), I wasn’t completely convinced. It looked slick and proved its strength by immediately shaking my hand as I tried turning it on, but would it stand up to what I’ve come to expect in my toys?

I think that Jimmy, I mean . . . → Read More: Review: Are you Jimmyjane? Who wants to know?

It’s Not You, It’s Totally Me

(Printed with permission from the subject.)

This is a real thing. As much as it’s a perfect cliché soap opera line, it really is a thing, and it sucks.

It’s been 5 and something months now and Brad and I still haven’t had sex. I know my last post about him suggested that after a . . . → Read More: It’s Not You, It’s Totally Me

Review: Lelo Tiani 2

Lelo Tiani 2 Score: 8.5 sexy french maids out of a harem of 10

It’s depressing to admit that the fine folks at Lelo sent me over the beautiful Tiani 2 remote controlled couples massager a couple of months ago and I’m only JUST getting around to writing the review now … but it’s true.

. . . → Read More: Review: Lelo Tiani 2

The Massive Brad Update or “Cockward” for Short

When I tell most people about my relationship with Brad, they’re confused. How is it possible that I’ve been dating someone for almost four months and I’ve only seen him naked – or almost naked – once? (twice now, since last night!)

It’s not my normal M.O. to wait this long. Not that I jump . . . → Read More: The Massive Brad Update or “Cockward” for Short

Review: Lelo Soraya (Insignia)

Bef0re my recent 5 weeks of ill, I was a lucky duck to receive the Lelo Soraya (Insignia) in the mail from Ohhh Canada. It took a little bit of fighting with Canada Post to prove my identity and get the thing home – a task that can make you crazy when you know you . . . → Read More: Review: Lelo Soraya (Insignia)

So … there’s this other guy

My current trifecta of new wonderful humans wouldn’t be complete without talking about Arthur. He’s actually been around for a while but it’s only been recently in the past couple of months that we’ve made it into bedroom territory.

We met on FetLife of all places. He made a complimentary comment on one of my . . . → Read More: So … there’s this other guy