Radical, Dude. A #FatShamingWeek followup

If by suggesting that it’s not anybody else’s place to police someone else’s body, that makes me a radical, I’m ok with that.

If my existence on the planet makes other people angry because they can’t bear to look at me or accept their own personal demons, I’m ok with that.

If I make moderate . . . → Read More: Radical, Dude. A #FatShamingWeek followup

“I’m a feminist who enjoys being dominated during sex. Help!” – My response

Continuing the theme of me responding to recent Globe & Mail sex questions, I’ve foolishly decided to tackle one about feminism and BDSM. While I consider myself both a feminist and a submissive woman, there are so many angles to consider when writing a kink related piece that I’m not certain I’ll be able to . . . → Read More: “I’m a feminist who enjoys being dominated during sex. Help!” – My response

“My husband hates my sex toy. What do I do?” – MY response

I don’t normally have such strong reactions to stories about masturbation, but a recent column from the Globe & Mail filled me with rage. Her answer to the readers’ below question bordered on ridiculous. While I’m all for people having their own opinions on sexuality, if people are paying you to have an opinion you . . . → Read More: “My husband hates my sex toy. What do I do?” – MY response

Kinkless in Toronto

This time last year, things were pretty great for me. I was deep into exploring a couple of new, casual relationships that had a distinct kinky element to them that I really needed and enjoyed.

This time this year however, I have no more outlets. I’ve had to find other ways to channel my emotions . . . → Read More: Kinkless in Toronto

Review: JimmyJane Form 3

It seems like good timing to review some sex toys the night after recently giving a book reading about masturbation.

I’ve been spending a couple of months getting cosy with a couple of new fun toys, one of which really surprised me. Before I get to that one though, I’ll start with JimmyJane’s Form 3 . . . → Read More: Review: JimmyJane Form 3

I’ve got a Crush, TO

It was probably in the late summer or fall that I first heard of #CrushTO events being produced by the girls at the sex-positive group, I’d Tap That. Up to my eyeballs in planning for both my work festival and Playground sexuality conference, it was only something that my brain could give a passing glance . . . → Read More: I’ve got a Crush, TO

Lessons Learned from Month One

It would be a lie if I said that the book is on schedule. I want to be finished by March, but I’d also accept April or May, so perhaps I’m not doing as badly as it feels right now. This first month of full time “booking” has not been without its challenges or distractions, . . . → Read More: Lessons Learned from Month One

It’s a New Dawn. It’s a New Day.

January’s here and it’s time for my life to take a very different path. Not one of resolutions, but of resolve. Now is the time when I am going to finally finish my book. I’ve been writing this thing since 2008 and I am anxious now to bring it into the world.

Don’t now what . . . → Read More: It’s a New Dawn. It’s a New Day.

Shame! I want it gone forever!

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately about two things, shame and confidence. How they affect us, shape who we are, and direct our actions. How some people are crippled by shame or a lack of confidence, while others soar either because of or in spite of them.

I’ve always had a lot of . . . → Read More: Shame! I want it gone forever!

I Can See Clearly Now

I knew that I was going to really need our recent Mexico vacation. I had been working around the clock every day, every weekend, almost every minute, for months and I was existing in a temporary depression. What I didn’t realize however, was just exactly how transformative the time away would be for me.

It’s . . . → Read More: I Can See Clearly Now