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It’s A Small World After All or the I Am Kevin Bacon post

What a WEIRD week. On Monday night Crush and I were chatting online, like old times of October to December. It was nice to catch up with him as busy schedules – mainly on his end – and the holidays really interrupted our getting to know one another. I had been starting to suffer from . . . → Read More: It’s A Small World After All or the I Am Kevin Bacon post

Fake Prom, Real World

Last Friday Steph, @ccath, @bondean and I headed down to the Palais Royale on Lakeshore West for Fake Prom 2009. The “theme” was Film Noir, and while many people kinda’ butchered it according to the purists it was definitely enjoyable after a long week of work to get dolled up, look around a fancy room . . . → Read More: Fake Prom, Real World

Another okCupid gem!

This one’s almost poetic:

hi lovely day its friday im home going for a run im italian french\ very passionate ************ im single no kids luv playing sports and going to my cottage antonio xo

Amazing. He wrote the same thing to my friend Bonnie. Check it out.

Online dating, fail

My coworker, who yes is East Indian, just got this email from this guy on Lava Life. For the record, she is mainly on Lava because it’s amusing. It is fun for us all to read the emails that these people send to her because so many of them are reeeeediculous. What is it about . . . → Read More: Online dating, fail

This is unrelated to anything

… but sometimes I seriously love my husband for his wackiness alone.

He just made this picture. (Click on the photo to see it’s inspiration, if you’re not familiar already.)

Take that, crasher squirrel!

. . . → Read More: This is unrelated to anything