It’s Not You, It’s Totally Me

(Printed with permission from the subject.)

This is a real thing. As much as it’s a perfect cliché soap opera line, it really is a thing, and it sucks.

It’s been 5 and something months now and Brad and I still haven’t had sex. I know my last post about him suggested that after a . . . → Read More: It’s Not You, It’s Totally Me

The Massive Brad Update or “Cockward” for Short

When I tell most people about my relationship with Brad, they’re confused. How is it possible that I’ve been dating someone for almost four months and I’ve only seen him naked – or almost naked – once? (twice now, since last night!)

It’s not my normal M.O. to wait this long. Not that I jump . . . → Read More: The Massive Brad Update or “Cockward” for Short


I hope this post isn’t as confusing for you to read as it was for me to write.

Last night before bed, Brad and I were texting each other. I guess I need to give you the update on he and I, don’t I. I’ll share more soon.

Anyway. So as we’re chatting, he says . . . → Read More: BUT AM I PRETTY???

On Emotional Masochism

I feel like such a lunatic for typing it out but I am pretty convinced that I get some sort of strange pleasure out of feeling small. And by small I don’t mean physically, though I wouldn’t mind losing this tummy and (some of) this ass. I’m talking more along the lines of not as . . . → Read More: On Emotional Masochism

So … there’s this guy

It feels like it’s been forever since I’ve written about anything to do with my life besides the sex toys I’ve been experimenting with, thanks to Ohhh Canada. I guess for the first few months of the year I wasn’t really feeling too motivated to share things. It was a bit of a private time . . . → Read More: So … there’s this guy