Review: Abracadabra It’s A Wand-Off!

Valentine’s Day is coming up, but there’s really no excuse needed to get a wand vibrator. A staple in my sex toy drawers, these wands all have their own pros and cons. Which one will work best for you?

For two years life in my household was pretty difficult, you guys. My Magic Wand was . . . → Read More: Review: Abracadabra It’s A Wand-Off!

Review: Nuru … more like Noru

Cheesy puns aside, I was pretty excited to try the Nuru gel recently. Obviously the circumstances had a lot to do with it: Ridiculously planned out threesome with a close friend and a musician friend of mine who requested the stuff in the first place.

My good friends at Ohhh Canada provided me with everything . . . → Read More: Review: Nuru … more like Noru

Sexy Sinnovation Review Pt. 2: Warner’s Cheeky Panty & Unwire Bra

In Part 2 of my sinnovation review series, I take a look at the Warner’s Cheeky Panty and Unwire Bra, available now at Ohhh Canada. I’m sure you’re thinking, “But Samantha! How can there be innovation in underwear??”

Just wait! I’ll tell you, dear reader.

. . . → Read More: Sexy Sinnovation Review Pt. 2: Warner’s Cheeky Panty & Unwire Bra

Secrets From Samantha’s Purse

I can never decide if I love or hate Valentine’s Day. I’m a romantic, right? So I should automatically love a day that focuses on love. But then again, I’m also a non-traditionalist, non-monogamous, celebrate love ALL the time, question-everything member of society, and that viewpoint doesn’t line up with this single day of roses, chocolate, . . . → Read More: Secrets From Samantha’s Purse

Ohhh Canada has a new bricks & mortar!

That’s right. Sponsors of both my orgasms and the recently successful Playground Conference, Ohhh Canada has recently opened up their very own boutique store in downtown Toronto. Why should you care? Well, Katrina and the Ohhh Canada staff put everything they have into creating an atmosphere that’s welcoming, non-judgmental, and full of knowledgable stuff . . . → Read More: Ohhh Canada has a new bricks & mortar!

Review: Are you Jimmyjane? Who wants to know?

When I first got the Jimmyjane Form 6 vibrator MONTHS ago (sorry, Katrina!), I wasn’t completely convinced. It looked slick and proved its strength by immediately shaking my hand as I tried turning it on, but would it stand up to what I’ve come to expect in my toys?

I think that Jimmy, I mean . . . → Read More: Review: Are you Jimmyjane? Who wants to know?

Review: Sqweeeeeeeeeel

When I first saw the Sqweel by LoveHoney last year I immediately wanted one, but felt a little silly. I have a strange aversion to any sex toy that emulates a real body part too much and the Sqweel is designed with 10 spinning tongues that mimic the most perfectly controlled pussy licker.

Oral sex and . . . → Read More: Review: Sqweeeeeeeeeel

Product Review: Condom Compact

I love this little product. It’s absolutely perfect for a safe slut on the go, which makes it even more perfect as a safe slut stocking stuffer this Holiday season. Tee hee, I said “stuff”.

I’m talking about the Just In Case: Condom Compact, available now at Ohhh Canada for only $12.99. It’s a . . . → Read More: Product Review: Condom Compact

Toy Review: Lelo Liv


One of the perks to both writing about sex and relationships and being involved in a strong Twitter community here in Toronto is that occasionally, wonderful people like Katrina McKay from will send me products to test and share my thoughts on.

So today, I’m happy to review the Lelo Liv, a wonderful rechargeable . . . → Read More: Toy Review: Lelo Liv