The Book

With the innocent days of key parties and free love behind us, Not Your Mother’s Playground: A realistic guide to honest, happy, and healthy open relationships is a how-to guide for navigating today’s very different world of modern-day non-monogamy. From swinging to polyamory, it walks readers through the many ups and downs they may encounter along their journey. Samantha injects the honest story of her own open marriage throughout to provide readers with insight, humour, and refreshing personal experience. Whether you are new to non-monogamy or an experienced veteran, Not Your Mother’s Playground is sure to challenge your mind and validate your heart.

Want a copy?

There are a few options for purchasing your own e-book or a printed copy of Not Your Mother’s Playground. You can buy directly (all funds go to me), or buy through one of my local favourite shops (we share the profits). Thanks for supporting independent authors and stores!


What People Are Saying

“Not Your Mother’s Playground is exactly the kind of brain-sex that makes a sex and relationship geek like me squeal with delight. For those interested in avoiding the common mistakes of non-monogamy, honing their relationship skills to ninja-like levels, and building sustainable sex-positve community, Samantha Fraser shares the skills, the questions, and the concepts that make multiple relationships thrive, which are -surprise!- the SAME skills needed to make one relationship work well! Enjoy Samantha’s tattooed, nerdy and heartfelt story while you learn some of the best ins and outs (and ins again) of navigating 21st Century open relationships.”

– Reid Mihalko, Sex and Relationships Expert.

“More than either just a memoir or how-to guide, Not Your Mother’s Playground provides both a personal and community based look at non-monogamy in its many forms. From Fraser’s recounting of her own forays into polyamory to thoughts, suggestions and a few “don’t do this” tips, there is a little of every facet of non-monogamy packed into this easy read. Whether you devour it in one sitting, or mark the pages for discussion with your partner(s), this book is sure to interest and amuse.”

– Shanna Katz, M.Ed, Board Certified Sexologist. Author of Oral Sex That’ll Blow Her Mind and She and Her: Lesbian Sex Positions

“Samantha is that person you want to sit and have an open and honest conversation with … She’ll listen, understand and offer the non-judgmental ear needed to help navigate complex relationships. In a world filled with so many ‘manuals’ and ‘self-help guides’, they are often too daunting to even open, Samantha’s casual, friendly and self-deprecating approach is a breath of fresh air.”

– Sonya JF Barnett. The Keyhole Sessions

“Not Your Mother’s Playground is both thoughtful and thought-provoking; a rare combination. It’s the type of writing that can only come from an authentic place. More than a guide, it’s a source of inspiration for everyday people looking to explore alternative ways
of connecting with one another and themselves in today’s fast-paced modern world.”

– Katrina McKay, Sex Educator and Founder & CEO,
Ohhh Canada

“By using her own exploration as a springboard, Samantha Fraser gives an honest yet objective account of the real meat of alternative relationships. Accessible and humorous, and chock full of real life info that gives the reader a virtual handbook for how to navigate the ins and outs of all styles of open relationships.”

– Spycey Spyce, Erotic Edutainer

 “It’s refreshing to be immersed in a world where monogamous guilt is eradicated. Samantha is triumphantly rewriting the social narrative of relationship guidelines. Not Your Mothers Playground is an insightful and charming guide to non-monogamy.”

– Caitlin K. Roberts, author of,
co-founder of I’d Tap That.